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Entry #1


2016-12-31 20:33:11 by Yandere-Tor-Tor

g'day all! aka no one because no one reads my journals, i'm here to tell you 2017 will be the year of the butts! that's right! more butts butts butts, clearly iv'e given boobs a spotlight, but now it's time for my favourite body part to get some much needed attention!


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2016-12-31 20:48:22

*Blank face* You really want to show that? I mean not yours not being gay or anything but... Alright up to you! *Walks away*

Yandere-Tor-Tor responds:

yep! already have a picture ready, at exactly midnight x3


2016-12-31 21:19:13

what an insightful post

Yandere-Tor-Tor responds:

Thank you, it really makes you think of life and what it's all about. puts a tear in my eye XD